• Renting and Returning
Renting with a membership card (IC card)
Turn on power on a bicycle at a Bike Station and check the remaining power in the battery.

1. Press START on the bicycle's control panel,
2. Unlock the bicycle by touching the control panel with your membership card (pre-registered IC card) or Osaifu-Keitai.

* The fee is charged to your credit card when the bicycle is unlocked.
* Bicycles can be reserved from 20 minutes in advance. Bicycles that are reserved in advance from the website can be used by touching the card to the bicycle's operation panel. (It is not necessary to enter a 4-digit passcode.)

Temporary parking (locking the bicycle)
Please manually lock the bike at the back.

* Locking method varies depending on key type.
* The use fee will be charged even during temporary parking.
* If you have an orange knob, please lock it while pressing it.

When the bicycle is locked, you will receive a confirmation email.
Temporary parking (unlocking the bicycle)
1. Press START on the control panel,
2. Touch it with your membership card (pre-registered IC card) or Osaifu-Keitai to unlock the bicycle.
Returning the bicycle
1. Manually lock the bicycle with the key at the rear of the bicycle.

* If you have difficulty locking it, turn the rear wheel slightly and try again. A spoke of the wheel may be blocking the key.

2. Press↵ENTER
3. Return is complete when you see "Returned" on the display.
You will receive a Return Complete confirmation email.