Notice of issuance The “Around Minokamo” Tourist Guide Map

Minokamo City Hall and Minokamo Tourism Association published The “Around Minokamo” Tourist Guide Map.
The “Around Minokamo” introduces 10 sightseeing routes starting from Mino-Ota Station or Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, with suggestions for the best transportation method (bicycle, car, or walking).
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I Landscapes of Old Japan (Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, bicycle)

2 Mountain & River Cherry Blossoms (Mino-Ota Station, car)

3 forest and Sweets (Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, bicycle)

4 Riverside Post Town (Mino-Ota Station, bicycle)

5 Mountain & River village Life (Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, bicycle)

6 Sweets & Museums (Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, car)

7 Temples,Shrines and Cherry Blossoms (Mino-Ota Station, bicycle)

8 Nakasendo Post Town Ambiance (Mino-Ota Station, walking)

9 Rural Jaoanese Lifestyle (Gifu-Seiryu Satoyama Park, bicycle)

10 Fruit and Art (Mino-Ota Station, bicycle)

※Route Name(Start&Goal Point、Recommended transportation)



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